• Ari Erev

    Jazz Pianist, Composer

    "His touch and intimate feel for the
    melody is absolutely gorgeous.."
    Adam Baruch, jazzis.com

Painting: Irit Erev, Photography: Hagit Mor

"About Time" was recorded with:
   Yorai Oron - Double Bass
   Gideon Pasahov - Drums

What the Critics Say...

"Overall, this is a splendid album, quiet and introversive, full of beauty and romance...  Most warmly recommended!..."

"...a session that is of a whole... a meditation, revealing that music is, above all, an extended metaphor for time itself."

"Piano playing with a lot of elegance and sensitivity...  it is evident it is performed with great love and with a thorough acquaintance and respect for the history of Jazz..."

Radio Interview
Radio interview by Yuval Meskin, editor of art and Jazz programs on
"Kol Israel" ("Voice of Israel").    [in Hebrew]

Art of Life Records, LLC
"About Time" is digitally distributed by the 'Art of Life Records' Jazz Label, managed by musician and producer Paul G. Kohler.

I am grateful to Paul for his endorsement of "About Time", and am honored to be listed by the 'Art of Life records' label, side-by-side with high calibre musicians such as Eddie Gomez, Bob Mintzer, Phil Markowitz and Gordon Beck.

From the CD liner notes:

For me, this album is About Time...

It is about the relationship between time and memory – how the passing of time facilitates the gathering and shaping of our memories, and then makes them fade and sometimes disappear,

It is about the different perceptions that people have about time – and the way these perceptions affect their lives,

It is about the time we lose… the time we gain… and the choices we make on how to spend our time,

It is about the time it takes until one trusts oneself enough to publicly release music, and about how improvisation - the musical expression of the moment - is captured, to last over time.

……and, it is about the time I spent on making this album.









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